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Lappe's Bee Supply is not responsible for anything that happens because the bee keeper makes the choice to remove the candy plug or the queen candy from the queen cage. It is always better to allow her to stay in the queen cage with the candy plug intact, to give the worker bees time to get familiar with her pheromone and get her out of the cage themselves. All of the queen honeybees that we sell are young, naturally mated superb queens. Place your order online to buy your queen honey bees, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - we are always happy to speak with you!

Lappe's Bee Supply is a online supplier company with listings for several different strains of queen honey bees for sale. Queens cannot survive for long outside of honeybee hives! Your queen needs to be inside of the beehive where the worker bees can feed her and give her water and food.

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This means that they will still do their best to get 2nd Day and Next Day shipments to their destination on time, but they will not give refunds for any shipments that do not arrive on time. Lappe's Bee Supply is unable to guarantee that these queens will arrive on time, we cannot get a refund for any customer who chooses 2nd Day or Next Day and has their shipments arrive late, and we cannot replace queens that die due to a delayed shipment.

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During any time that UPS suspends their service guarantee, Lappe's Bee Supply is unable to replace queens if they die due to a delayed shipment. All shipped queens are sent out at customer's risk. Due to regulations with most shipping companies, we are unable to insure queen honey bees.

Please let us know which color you would like to have her marked. The International Color for is blue, but if you are only marking her to make it easier to spot her, you can choose whichever color you think would make her easy to find. Carniolan bees are extremely gentle for bee keepers to work. During the summer months when the honey flow keeps them busy, you can hardly tell that you are bothering them at all, which makes keeping bees for the beekeeper enjoyable.

Carniolans build up their population in the early spring, and they are able to maintain high populations in the bee hives all summer long, due to the mated queens laying lots of eggs. This strong workforce will result in excellent honey production, since Carniolan worker bees are excellent pollinators and foragers.

Since they can have larger stores of honey and pollen in the summer, they can have a higher tendency to swarm if not kept under careful observation to verify that they have enough space; each hive can issue several swarms.

Carniolans tend to get out earlier in the morning to start their daily forage, and they also stay out longer each evening, compared to other strains. Carniolan bees are also less prone to robbing than other types of bees.Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. Watch your email for updates please. Sorry, packages cannot be shipped. Packages will come in either a plastic bee package or wooden screened cage.

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What Honey Bee Should I buy, Saskatraz, Carniolan, Italian, or Other Breeds?

It is Hungry Bear Farms policy that any Nuc that an issue is found in, be returned to Hungry Bear Farms in the same manner in which the Nuc was provided to the purchaser within 3 calendar days of notifying Hungry Bear Farms of said issue.

It will be at the sol. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Received a package last year. Packaging was very convenient and actually place them in a Top Bar Hive. Looking forward to my package this year and they will also go into a Top Bar Hive. Posted by Jeffrey DeVeronica on Apr 8th All prices are in USD.

Sitemap Powered by BigCommerce. Site Information.This post is also available in: Spanish. The Italian Honey Bee Apis Mellifera Ligustica is one of the more popular bee strains; however, due to the inconsistency in quality of its specimens, the Italian bee has been both greatly appreciated and criticized.

Firstly, we have to take into consideration the fact that there are 2 sub-varieties of the Italian honey bee. The differences between them are significant. With regards to honey yielding and reproduction, we had the best experience with the Italian honey bee imported from the North-West region of the Italian Alps Ligurian Alps. This variety of the Italian bee has a darker color than the normal more yellowish bee.

The other sub-variety, that has a lighter color, comes from the regions near Bologna and at one point was extremely popular all over the world. This variety is used at a large scale in North America, South America, New Zealand and Australia and has a decent amount of positive traits, but also lots of drawbacks that make it less efficient and advantageous. Among these we have a lower honey yielding and lower resistance to diseases. A large number of beekeepers consider the lighter color Italian honey bee as being the actual pure Italian honey bee.

The purity of a race is determined by a morphological analysis. Moreover, the characteristics of the bee are influenced to a high degree by the environment. A bee that comes from an area with similar climate profile is likely to adapt faster and better. Apart from that, there is another variety of Italian honey bee, easily distinguished by its light yellow color.

It was once called Aurea and now it goes by the name of Cordovan. The Cordovan was highly desirable for its esthetic look, but turned out to be far from profitable in practice.

We have to take into considerations all the differences between these varieties when talking about the qualities of the Italian honey bee. Thus, the Italian honey bee represents a great blend of important traits, especially from a commercial and breeding standpoint.

Among these the most notable are:. As far as drawbacks go, the strong brood rearing regardless of the nectar flow, along with a poorer sense of orientation mean that the Italian bee is more prone to drifting and robbing than other races.

The weaknesses of the Italian bee are present to a much higher degree in the case of the lighter color variety. It also has a larger consumption of stores. This is a very important aspect to take into account; certain sub-varieties are more suitable for a certain area than others. Before criticizing a race, we must first select a sub-variety that suitable for the climate and our purpose.

From our experience with the dark variety of the Italian honey bee, we can definitely state that it represents a unique combination of great traits from an economical and breeding point of view. Provided that the beekeeper takes into account its characteristics and works accordingly, the results will be spectacular.

Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Yes, subscribe me to your Newsletter. This post is also available in: Spanish The Italian Honey Bee Apis Mellifera Ligustica is one of the more popular bee strains; however, due to the inconsistency in quality of its specimens, the Italian bee has been both greatly appreciated and criticized. Among these the most notable are: gentleness very prolific less inclined to swarm white honey cappings cleanliness resistance to diseases, especially for the darker sub-variety willing to enter supers excellent comb builders As far as drawbacks go, the strong brood rearing regardless of the nectar flow, along with a poorer sense of orientation mean that the Italian bee is more prone to drifting and robbing than other races.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Categories: Bee species. Carniolan bee has gray and silver body color. W orker bees have the proboscis of 6. Maximum productivity of the queen is eggs per day and her weight is mg. Krajina and the Balkans breed spread throughout the world. Experts say that this breed combines the good qualities of the Carpathian and gray Caucasian bees.

Carnioan bees better hod the winter than the Caucasian. Bees are peaceful and quiet, the family develops rapidly in the spring and early so they effectively use honey plants. With timely anti-swarming activities can easily be switched from swarming to the working state, from the bad honey crop to the good. They at first fill with honey the breed part of the nest, and then stores.

They are used for pollination of red clover. Carniolan bees are more peaceful than brown bees of France. They sit quietly on combs, taken out of the hive. In some areas of the U. However, these bees have a negative feature — they like swarming. For this reason, they are not suitable for mobile apiaries. These bees almost never have propolis in the hive. Honeycombs are white and clean.

carniolan bees

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bee crafts DIY. Honey recipes. Bee hives. Skip to content. About Contacts. Carniolan bees Categories: Bee species Carniolan bee has gray and silver body color. Carniolan bees Reynolds says:.

Top paragraph says swarming is rare. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:.When it came time to start my own hive, I debated about the kind of honey bee I should invest in. There are many bee breeds available for novice apiarists, including great standard varieties, as well as newer varieties. I have tried both standard and new breeds, including Italian, Carniolan, Russian, and Saskatraz honey bees. This article describes my subjective experiences with each of these breeds, my opinion as to whether each breed is good for beginning apiarists, and shares some management techniques that have worked for me with each breed.

The most popular bee in the United states is the Italian honey bee. In second place for popularity are Carniolan bees. Both breeds are great for beginners or hobbyists, as they both are known to be very gentle and both produce well within the first year or two.

carniolan bees

They are also the most recommended and readily available bees to purchase. I have raised both Carniolan and Italian varieties for a number of years and have had great success with them. I am currently raising Russian bees and Saskatraz bees. These both are becoming my favorite bee breeds for a variety of reasons that I will discuss a little later in the article.

There are many things to consider when choosing what kind of bee to begin your adventure. I will share my research and personal experiences with different honey bee breeds, and depending on your location, climate, and what you value in a breed, hopefully I can assist you in your choice of what bees to buy.

carniolan bees

The main varieties or races of bees available are Italian, Carniolanand Russian. Some other varieties available are Minnesota Hybrid, Buckfast, as well as a few commercial hybrid varieties. A new variety that has become available more recently is the Saskatraz honey bee. There are different characteristics and strengths to each race of honey bee. As mentioned above, I will share what I have experienced with the races I have raised. Additionally, I have also researched and visited with apiarists about races that I have not raised and will let you know what I have learned.

Carniolan honey bees were one of the first bees that I raised. They came from a local supplier. He taught a beginning beekeeping class and offered a discount on bee packages to those who enrolled in his class. He gets his bees from Olvarez Honey Bees Inc.

The Olvarez Honey Bee company has a good reputation and is a major supplier for honey bees in the United States. I highly recommend getting your bees from a reputable well-known source, such as Olvarez, especially if it is your first-time raising honey bees.This article is focused on the generalities of each bee. As we all know, the queens will ultimately determine the characteristics of the hive. So each hive will ultimately have their own characteristics. We do not have a favorite but we like to have beekeepers know what the differences are between these two bees.

By far, the Italian honey bee is the most popular bee for beekeepers in the USA. The Italian bee is so popular and manageable that they are easy to work with for new beekeepers and experienced beekeepers. Italian queens begin very early in increasing their brood production. The queens tend to begin increasing their brood production once the pollen begins to come into the hive.

In Georgia, we can see this happen once the Maple trees begin to bloom. The Carniolan Queens have a slower start-up in brood production and require more pollen and some nectar coming into the hive.

2020 Carniolan Queen Bee - Buy 3 or more get Free Shipping

We have seen about a 45 day delay on brood production. Italian queens tend to reduce their brood production, as soon as, the nectar sources end. In NE Georgia, this can be seen in August. This will mean that you will have average hive population going into winter.

carniolan bees

Carniolan queens tend to continue strong brood production into late September. This means that you will have stronger hives going into winter. First, all bees have tendencies to swarm under certain circumstances. Italian bees will tend to swarm during their second year within the hive.

This will happen during the Spring season and into summer. Overall, the Italian has average tendencies to swarm. The Carniolan bee has a higher tendency to swarm in the first year going forward. This should not be under-estimated. The reason why swarming is a higher risk is due to the following issues: 1. The queen production of brood is explosive. Once the queen begins to lay maximum eggs the hive can run out of bee space within 60 days.

Lack of bee space can be overcome by adding additional supers and allowing more bee space within the hive. The Carniolan just has a genetic trait to swarm. Italian bees are a more laid back type of bee. They are very popular because they are the easiest of the honey bees to work with. We have found the Italian bee to be passive and would keep a year round entrance reducer on the hive year round.

This can spell problems when it comes to small hive beetles, European Hornets, etc…. The Carniolan bee will aggressively defend the hive.

However, they are manageable. Carniolans tend to need a little smoke to calm the hive when you have to work them. Once the smoke has entered the hive the bees will calm really well. Italian bees once again are the standard for honey production. Italians tend to not gather nectar during cooler and overcast days. So if you have a cool and overcast Spring season your honey production will be lower.This post is also available in: Spanish. We continue our mini-series on the subject of the different bee races with one of the most widely used strains: the Carniolan Honey Bee Apis Mellifera Carnica.

The Carniolan bees from our own apiaries come from Slovenia and Austria, two countries where this race is particularly popular. Actually, in Central Europe and certain parts of America, the Carniolan bee gained a privileged reputation for its unique qualities, many beekeepers going as far as calling it the best honey bee there is.

Some of these qualities make the Carniolan honey bee one of the most economically viable races. But some of them can also be looked at as downsides.

Beekeeping July 18th Carniolan honeybee hive check

In other words, a Carniolan queen will reduce the brood production when nectar and polen are scarce. Normally, this would be a positive characteristic, but there can be situations where it hinders the growth of the colony and this can negatively affect the next harvest.

In order to avoid this type of scenario, the beekeeper must intervene with additional sugar syrup and protein. Another characteristic of the Carniolan bee that can be both a positive trait and a drawback is their explosive spring buildup.

A more rigorous control of the population is advised if this situation. However, the excellent selection that was carried out through the years has considerably reduced the swarming instinct of the Carniolan bee. As a conclusion, the Carniolan bee is a blend of some of the most important qualities that a bee can have.

There are of course some cons, but the positive characteristics far outweigh the negative ones. Brother Adam even called the Carniolan bee the key that unlocks the hidden potential of other strains. The Carniolan queen bees used in our own apiaries for reproduction are VSH Varroa Sensitive Hygiene compliant and have received the award for the most productive line of bees in Slovenia This only goes to show that a continuous and adequate selection program leads to excellent results. In fact, brother Adam even goes to say that the bees from the Capathian […].

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Yes, subscribe me to your Newsletter. This post is also available in: Spanish We continue our mini-series on the subject of the different bee races with one of the most widely used strains: the Carniolan Honey Bee Apis Mellifera Carnica.

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