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So good signs for you x. Kiwi meant to help implantation, something in them breaks down immune cells in blood that would attack implanting egg Worth a try and packed with vitamins. Am contemplating sleeping in my bra tonight as my boobs only seem comfy and not painful burning nipples last night!

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When are you due to test huni, I am tryin to hold off testing so so much but I am glad you posted this post coz I was just thinking about that very subject, I am due on any time between now and monday and for the lasw week I have been,,well there is no other way to explain it than, really wet, sorry girls I know that might be a bit too graphic, and now loads of white creamy stuff, also have sore head and heart burn, oh I do hope it is a good sign for us both xx.

Oh the other thing I thought of was that I am eeating two kiwis a day so that could possibly be why I have this creamy clumpy white cm??

FC fingers crossed for you : xx.

clumpy cm bfp

I have had loads of CM since 1dpo and got my BFP big fat positive pregnancy test today, it started off quite thick and creamy and yesterday 11dpo turned watery with clumps in it, eeeewwwww. I'm eating 2 kiwis a day too although coming to end of 2 ww and almost no cm so who knows what that means! Kiwis are natural fruity version of baby aspirin This thread is napping. In Reply to FunMoonMoon x. More posts in "Actively trying" group.

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Join now. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.Welcome to the growing collection of REAL two week wait pregnancy symptoms. Since you're here, you probably are wondering if the symptoms you're feeling are real or imaginary! Hopefully they are real and your BFP is just around the corner. So while you are ever so patiently waiting to test, here are all the juicy early pregnancy symptoms you can ask for!

I just got my BFP in the last hour and I'm still in shock! Thought I'd share my symptoms as I found that section of twoweekwait really interesting.

I didn't have and still don't have abundant CM. Was out with friends and only had two glasses of wine and a beer - felt drunk! Back very sore and lower right stomach pain comes and goes. Later that evening get the faintest of faint lines on FRER - it's that faint I'm convinced it's an evap as it's so hard to see 10 DPO Symptoms feel like they've disappeared - boobs feel normal, not as tired, no pain on lower right - start to give up!

BUT the back lower back pain mostly on right hasn't gone away at all. Starting to feel hot temp is Use internet cheapie and FMU - can see a line. Is very faint but I'm sure I can see pink.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

I was diagnosed with PCOS at about 15 as have very irregular periods and all the unwanted symptoms along with it too! I have been ttc for nearly 3 years without any luck. I am blessed as my mum is into Tai chi and massage and has been working with me over the last year to try and get my reproductive system moving again and she managed to regulate me to a week cycle. Once I had got to this point I decided I might need a kick start and after a lot of research decided to try FertilAid.

I started taking it on January 22nd and after 2 days I came on my period! I had a routine ultrasound 2 days later and the sonographer told me my ovaries were perfectly healthy and could barely believe me when I told her that when I had a scan in November they were full of cysts! I went through the 2ww and at the end very disappointed to have a bfn as I was already feeling sickness and my boobs were so so sore! However fastforward a week I've finally had my BFP!

My message to all of you PCOS sufferers out there is to not give up hope! I would always highly recommend using fertilaid! It is early days for me but I am just so happy to know that it isn't impossible for me! I have got my first BFP after having two ectopic pregnancies.

After an extremely odd cycle where I ovulated 6 days late and sith much prayer and optimism, my husband and I are finally pregnant! CD 20 - 1dpo - After an intimate afternoon with my husband I had a few niggles that felt like O pains from the right side. Did an OPK which was surprisingly positive. EWCM and moodiness!

clumpy cm bfp

Increased moodiness and increased libido. Really hungry. Increased sense of smell. Very thirsty.Enjoying your new role as teacher?! Exactly the same for me, creamy cm was normal for me at that point but it was an obscene amount at around 7dpo! Close menu. Am I pregnant? Toddlers years Tween and teens. Baby activities homepage Baby massage Baby sign language Preschool activities Preschool sports Stay and play. Parties homepage Entertainers Face painting Halls for hire Party venues. Childcare homepage Before and after-school clubs Childminders Children's centres Holiday clubs Nurseries.

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ladies with BFP'S required....tmi...

Parenting homepage Easter Easter homepage Easter activities for kids It's a parent's life Gorgeous gift ideas Easter eats and treats What's on near you Easter breaks and escapes. Pregnancy homepage Trying for a baby Early pregnancy Week by week Health and wellbeing Labour and birth Baby names It's a mum-to-be life Real life: pregnancy.

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Coronavirus homepage What parents need to know Self isolating tips Keeping busy How you can help Coronavirus buys Coronavirus chat. Open menu. Netmums Forum:. Cm before bfp? Wondering if you're experiencing early signs of pregnancy? From nausea and discharge to that metallic taste, chat about symptoms here.

Please note, as this is a peer-to-peer support board, Netmums hasn't checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. Read more on early pregnancy signs here. Log in Register. Page: 1. Hi ladies I'm popping over from TTC, hoping for a little bit of advice.I'm currently 7dpo, and have been very dry, with crumbly, clumpy cm when checking internally since the day after O.

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I'm mega confused if good sign or not? Lol xx. Normally have yellowish creamy cm after ov on and off until af turns up! This month I've been so dry and only in the last few days I've got a wet feeling down there but only when checking internally and it's just clear! I woke up this morning having had no pain to sudden Hoping these differences this cycle lead to something positive!

I've had a few times where I felt wet and went to the bathroom and nothing? And my BBS usually start hurting 7dpo as well all the way until a couple days after AF, but nothing so far.

Though I do believe I've had zero boob pain before so I don't really count that as too out of the ordinary. But the dryness is very strange for me.

But, the cramping could be in my head. Even the boob thing. I might occasionally get the odd spot after ov too but this month I have 5 whoopers on my chin, woke up this morning with one on the end of my nose and just found one on my back! Very odd. Also earlier had a lower back ache for about an hour, used the loo All very weird but only time will tell! I have no patience Ha Are you ttc your first?I have noticed that i have had a massive change in CM Almost like my cervix softening.

I usually ovulate CD 19 vut i am scared now that i went early. I have hardly any before today no EWCF nothing and since being on vitex i have had 32 day cycles and 19 day ovulation. Should i bother testing or am i worried about nothing. I do have a few days of increased CM, but for the most part it's a normal amount. I have decided to POAS in the next few days. I am really freaking out as of late and have had really bad cervical pain too almost like my cervix softening.

It's not hard or clsed but after 2 kids i highly doubt it would be. I did notice i have been getting really bad cramping so i am assuming AF will make an appearance on the 28th or 29th. I have never prayed for AF so much before. So i will update once i get a HPT. Hey Winter I have never been so relieved ever. I had so many symptoms like increased CM, Sore tender boobs, bloating, headaches, constipation, and a cramping.

I was so convinced that i was pregnant. I am jumping for joy. What a nice christmas present. Your post made me laugh, Ill take ALL that blue dust quite happily.

So back to the oringanal post - Is excessive creamy CM a sign of pregnacy? If you had a BFN Im not holding much hope.I am so, so happy for you! I have read all that you've been through and you are truly blessed to be pregnant this soon after a miscarriage. I also lost my first pregnancy in Feb 2 months ago so I know how happy you must be. Be positive and try not to worry because God has a plan for you. You will have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. It takes days from conception to implantation.

At implantation, you start accumulating the hormones that cause the symptoms. It would be very unusual to start feeling symptoms so early - likewise to get a bfp at 9dpo. It is however possible that you still have the hormone in your system from last month when you were pregnant before your miscarriage - it does take time to fully go away. I really hope you are preggers and it is a real bfp, but I would go to a dr. Then get another a few days later and make sure your levels are going up, not down.

Congratulations my bub grew to become right into a chlomid bub i grew to become into fortunate adequate to fall on the 1st bypass after yrs of attempting and a loosing our first bub i wish all is going amazing for u infant airborne dirt and dirt Update: i tested at 6dpo to just because i wanted to lol and it was so negative, the hospital did all the tests and said everything had gone from my last pregnancy, and their pregnancy test showed up neg the same day i had my scan miscarried the day before.

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clumpy cm bfp

I don't mean to be a downer, but it is possible you got a bfp and are not pregnant. Best of luck and much baby dust! Hope you have a great pregnancy.

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. I thik I got my bfp this morning!!!! Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly.

Mine has changed this cycle. What is your cm like if you got a BFP? I was discouraged this cycle when my cm was drying up and getting more sticky, too, but I did get my BFP!

Keep your hopes up!! I cried last night when I saw it. Been trying for awhile now and used to be fertile myrtle so feeling down on myself with each cycle not working. Fingers crossed for you! I hardly had any cm beyond just the general moistness.

If I did get any it was pretty creamy. Have you checked your cervix at all? It will usually lower and slightly open as you approach a period. Can you feel any kind of opening? Just felt like a tiny hole or crack. No more spotting. Ty for the words of encouragement! Although I checked 3 hours ago and there was no pink whatsoever.

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