GPON is a point-to-multipoint access network. Its main characteristic is the use of passive splitters in the fiber distribution network, enabling one single feeding fiber from the provider to serve multiple homes and small businesses.

gpon devices

GPON has a downstream capacity of 2. Although there are other technologies that could provide fiber to the home, passive optical networks PONs like GPON are generally considered the strongest candidate for widespread deployments. There is little reason to use dual fibers, although this option is indeed allowed in the standard. The RF overlay incorporates standard and high definition video into the fiber network using the nm transmitter and EDFA.

GPON networks are currently the leading form of Passive Optical Networks PONsand offer up to a ratio on a single optical fiber, meaning, a single fiber from the OLT can deliver video, data and voice signals to up to 64 end users or residences. Click the Links to Learn Moreā€¦.

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Passive optical network

Sitemap Privacy Policy.However, EPON has the advantage of time and cost. GPON is catching up and looking forward to the future broadband access market. Users can determine uplink and downlink rates according to actual needs and select the corresponding optical transceiver to improve the optical device value for money. GPON provides multiple selectivities, but its cost advantage is not obvious.

Difference - Syrotech - EPON ONU - GPON ONT

The maximum physical distance that a GPON system can support is 20 km when the optical splitting ratio is When the optical splitting ratio is 1: 32, the maximum physical distance should be 10 km. The splitter ratio is mainly limited by the performance of the optical module. A large splitter ratio can cause the cost of the optical module to increase substantially.

In addition, the PON insertion loss is dB, and the large splitter ratio reduces the transmission distance; too many users share Bandwidth is also the cost of large splitter ratio. T-CONT is divided into five types of services.

Functions of ONT and OLT in GPON Network

Different types of T-CONTs have different bandwidth allocation modes to meet the different QoS requirements of different service flows such as delay, jitter, and packet loss rate. MPCP involves the allocation of time slots for ONU transmission, automatic discovery and joining of ONUs, and reporting of congestion to higher layers to dynamically allocate bandwidth. However, the protocol does not classify the priorities of services. All services compete for bandwidth randomly. PLOAM for data encryption, status detection, error monitoring and other functions.

The OMCI channel automatically notifies the system of running events, Troubleshooting, performance and safety management. Much research has not been done on the support of services other than data services such as TDM synchronization services. Many EPON manufacturers have developed some non-standard products to solve this problem, but they are not ideal and it is difficult to meet carrier-class QoS requirements.

Great wordpress blog here. I really appreciate people like you! EPON is an emerging broadband access technologies, through a single fiber-optic access systems, to access the data, voice and video service, and it has a good economy. Your email address will not be published.Passive optical networks PON technology was available in the middle of 90s.

Since the huge development of network, various standards have been established and matured. This tutorial will introduce about GPON technology. GPON can be applied in many areas. In fiber to the desktop FTTD application, GPON is distributed via single-mode, simplex optical fiber connectors, and passive optical splitter typically using angled polish connectors APC to provide precision terminations.

There are four main components in this GPON system: the optical line terminal OLTthe transmitting media cabling and componentsthe fiber optical splitter, and the optical network terminal ONT.

OLT is a device which serves as the service provider endpoint of a passive optical network. It is an active Ethernet aggregation device that is usually located in a data center or the main equipment room. An OLT converts the optical signals transmitting over fiber to the electrical signals and presents them to a core Ethernet switch.

The OLT replaces multiple layer 2 switches at distribution points. OLT distributing signal is connected with backbone cabling or horizontal cabling through optical splitters, which are connected to the optical network terminal at each work area outlet. GPON transmits signals through the passive, physical cabling infrastructure.

The transmitting media include copper, fiber optic patch cords, enclosures, adapter panels, connectors, splitters and other materials. All these transmitting media components should be factored in the channel loss budget to get a better system performance. Fiber optic splitter, also known as beam splitter, is an integrated waveguide optical power distribution device. With this fiber optic splitter, multiple devices can be served from a single fiber.

The number of the outputs in the splitter determines the number of the splits. The split ratios often contain,and The insertion loss of a typical 1x32 optical splitter ranges from17 dB to 18 dB. It converts the optical signals to electrical signals to deliver to the end device. Link loss can be caused by these components cable, connectors, patch cords, splices, couplers, and splitters. Link loss is very important in designing optical access network. The link budget is shown as the following table.

How to calculate the power budget? P represents power budget. L is the distance and SL is a splitter loss. Penalties stands for additional loss such as the splice and connectors. The following table shows the required power budget for different GPON configurations. Suppose that the power budget is about 23 dB. A single-mode fiber cable operating at the wavelength of nm is used.

SL is 14 dB and there are two mechanical splices 0. GPON has the benefits of saving costs for moves and adds or other changes, low price per port on passive components, easy installation and low installation costs.Gigabit passive optical network GPON is a point-to-multipoint access mechanism providing end users with the ability to consolidate multiple services onto a single fiber transport network.

Optical network terminal ONT is an optical modem that connects to the termination point with an optical cable. They both refer to the user side equipment in GPON network.

A small difference between them might be the application locations. ONU can work in different temperature and weather conditions. Its basic function is to control the float information in optical distribution network ODN to go in both directions. In addition, it coordinates the multiplexing between the ONT conversion devices.

There are two float directions for OLT system. One is the upstream direction to distribute different types of data and voice traffic from users. The other is the downstream direction which gets data, voice and video traffic from metro network or from a long-haul network and sends it to all ONT modules on the ODN.

If the control flag is active. You need to unbind the service first before delete the ONT. To troubleshoot the ONT, you should remember that the most important step is to connect your computer directly to the ONT to see if the problem goes away. You can use the Ethernet cable for connection.

If the problem still exists, you can reconnect the ONT power supply to clear its internal cache. If the network can not be restored after the above methods, maybe you need to consult professionals for help.

COM is a good place to go. Different types of ONT and OLT equipment are provided with high integration, flexible adaption and great reliability to meet all your requirements. Skip to content.Knowledge Base. Search this site.

GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network)

Data Center. IP Multicast. Link Aggregation. LTE Notes. Network Automation. Networking DataScience. Traffic Engineering. GPON supports triple-play services, high-bandwidth, long reach upto 20kmetc.

Figure 1 shows various FTTx network architectures. A single fibre from the OLT runs to a passive Optical Splitter passive means, it does not require any power to operate which is located near the users' locations. The Optical Splitter merely divides the optical power into N separate paths to the users.

The optical paths can vary between 2 to From the Optical Splitter, a single mode SM fibre strand run to each user. This is shown in figure 2. GPON adopts two multiplexing mechanisms- a in downstream direction i. The physical layer overhead PLOu at the start of the ONU upstream burst contains the preamble which ensures proper physical layer operation of the burst-mode upstream link. The OLT may allocate as much duration as it needs in the downstream, upto and including all of the downstream frame.

Each Ethernet is mapped to a single or multiple by fragmenting GEM frames. The next section describes GPON key technologies. Type 2 and Type 3 : Both T-CONT are of guaranteed bandwidth types and mainly used for video services and data services of higher priorities. Type 4 : This T-CONT is of best-effort type and mainly used for data services such as Internet and services of low priority which do not require high bandwidth.

Because the access network is shared, ONU upstream transmissions could collide if they were transmitted at random times. This is called Ranging.

gpon devices

A grant is permission to use a defined interval of time for upstream transmission. The grant map is dynamically re-calculated every few milliseconds. DBA is a methodology that allows quick adoption of users' bandwidth allocation based on current traffic requirements and it is especially good for dealing with bursty upstream traffic.

DBA allows upstream timeslots to shrink and grow based on the distribution of upstream traffic loads. If the ONU has no traffic to send, it transmits idle frames. When an ONU has no information to send, upon receiving a grant from the OLT, it sends an idle cell upstream to indicate that its buffer is empty.

Figure 3 shows the GTC frame structures for downstream and upstream directions. The upstream GTS frame contains multiple transmission bursts. The downstream GTC frame provides the common time reference for the PON and common control signaling for the upstream.

gpon devices

Figure 4 shows a detailed downstream GTS frame format. The ONUs then act upon the relevant information contained therein. The Psync field indicates beginning of the frame to the ONUs. The Ident field contains an 8-KHz Superframe Counter field which is employed by the encryption system, and may also be used to provide low rate synchronous reference signals.Innovation and reliability for the ever-changing demands of the telecommunications industry.

The customer premise equipment is a sleek modern design that consumers find attractive and provides all the options needed for the most flexibility, including an RF out if needed.

The uplink wavelengths nm upstream and nm downstream can also pass thru to the OLT. A device management webpage is available for monitoring the station information and provides alarm functions in real time that can be accessed through the RJ45 interface.

A WiFi connection is available to access the local device management webpage by using a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer. This makes the LT and excellent solution to provide FTTx service to the areas that have a low density of population or a small number of subscribers with a low capital cost.

It is a high-density chassis system that supports up to 4, residential and business subscribers with 32 GPON ports split ratio. It is a high-density chassis system that supports up to 6, residential and business subscribers with 96 GPON ports split ratio. This series of EDFA offers a flexible solution for large area coverage of metropolitan and medium-size cities. The monitoring, alarm functions and system information are provided with real time display on the front LCD panel.

The EDLXGT series is a low noise high performance multi-port optical amplifier with a gain spectrum band of to nm. With this port configuration the number of devices needed is reduced that improves the performance index and reliability of the system.

It also has a built-in 2x1 optical switch for nm input backup redundancy. Data Sheet. Data Sheets.GPON is a point-to-multipoint access mechanism. The optical splitter is installed somewhere between the CO and the subscribers. Voice, video, and data traffic must all be delivered across the single GPON downstream wavelength. Gpon Network Architecture Diagram :. Gpon Network Architecture Diagram. The following diagram shows the architecture of a basic two wavelength GPON network architecture, which is probably the most common implementation.

The downstream wavelength is nm and transmits data at 2. The upstream wavelength is nm and transmits data at 1. GPON has a downstream capacity of 2. Although there are other technologies that could provide fiber to the home, passive optical networks PONs like GPON are generally considered the strongest candidate for widespread deployments.

Gpon provides Triple play services over IP of videodata and voice are often cited as driving user demand for heavier usage of broadband that justifies PON investment. While RF overlay has been popular in some countries and minimizes congestion caused by usage of video services, the convergence of HDTV and IPTVand the growth in internet cloud services could create demand for bandwidth that exceeds the capacity of gigabit services in future.

Teleworking and video conferencing are other applications demanding such triple play capabilities. I am Shahed. I currently work as a Sr. Network Engineer. I want to build up my carrier in Networking field.

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